Bag’em Larford Grand Masters Qualifier Sunday 26th March 2017

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34 anglers fished the Match & Specimen Lakes


Awful strong cold easterly wind made for difficult conditions and stopped the carp feeding.



That said, the Match Lake fished well and it was Richie Lawson (Matrix Total Angling) who won the day with 150-09-00 from peg 47 on the Match Lake

Rich fished down his edge with dead reds over ground bait

Rich picked up £300


2nd on the day was Martin Eddis (Bag’em Larford)  who drew peg 44 on the Match Lake. He fished soft pellet & corn down his edge to weigh 102-00-00.


3rd on the day was Paul Bucknall (Little Dawley) who drew peg 4 on the Specimen Lake. Paul fished 5m pole with corn and down his edge to weigh 78-12-00


4th placed Brian Clark (Vaspe) drew peg 75 on the Specimen Lake weighing in 59-06-00 of bream to the open ended feeder.


5th on the day was Perry mountain (HT Angling) from peg 53 on the Match Lake. Perry weighted 56-05-00 catching on Method feeder and pole at 8m


6th overall was Neil Colcombe (Bag’em Larford) from peg 7 on the Specimen Lake weighing 52-15-00.


Martin Eddis, Paul Bucknall, Brian Clarke & Perry Mountain all qualify for the Grand Master final.

Qualifiers for the Bag’em Larford Grand Masters Final- 

NameQualify Date
Fran O’reilly ( Bag-em Baits, Rays Tackle)23/10/2016
Shaun McCarthy23/10/2016
Paul Cook (Frenzee)23/10/2016
Chris Cameron (Middy)03/09/2016
Les Thompson (Matrix)03/09/2016
Max G (PR Floats)17/07/2016
John James03/09/2016
Pete Jones03/09/2016
Mark Skidmore03/09/2016
Ian Wood (Larford)23/10/2016
Przemek Solski23/10/2016
Matt Marshall17/07/2016
Glynn Reynolds17/07/2016
Stu Holmewood17/07/2016
Sam Brown17/07/2016
Bernard Ball (Carp Cruncher)27/11/2016
Ray Lamb (Larford)27/11/2016
Neil Colcombe (Larford)27/11/2016
Matt Blackmore (Garbolino/Dynamite Baits)27/11/2016
Warren Jennings ( winter Wonders)27/11/2016
Martin Harrell (Larford)28/12/2016
Mick Bull (Frenzee)28/12/2016
Rich Lawson (Matrix Total Angling)28/12/2016
Pete Black28/12/2016
Grant Albutt28/12/2016
Chris Senter (Shakespeare)29/01/2017
Andy Fullylove (Preston)29/01/2017
Chris Shepherd29/01/2017
Jamie Harrison (Matrix Bait -Tec)29/01/2017
Phil Briscoe (Larford)29/01/2017
Danny Baker (Tredegar A/C)26/02/2017
Geoff Valance (Preston)26/02/2017
Brian Jones (ABC Baits)26/02/2017
Geraint Powell26/02/2017
Mark Turner26/02/2017
Martin Eddis (Bag'em Larford)26/03/2017
Paul Bucknall (Little Dawley)26/03/2017
Brian Clarke26/03/2017
Perry Mountain26/03/2017

Mark Jones also qualifies for the Bag’em Larford Classic final too.