Larford Classic Qualifier Saturday 29th October 2016

    27 anglers fished in calm & mild weather.         1st on the day from peg 50 Ray Lamb (Larford) with a big weight of 185-13-00. Ray caught on hard pellet on pole at 14-5m.   2nd Neil Colcombe (Larford) on peg 62 with a weight of 140-14-00. He caught on pole and pellet down his edge.   3rd Paul Cook (Frenzee) on peg 54 weighing in 114-09-00. Paul caught on long pole and pellet at 14-5 metres.   4th Sean Berry (Rays Tackle) peg 38 with 99-00-00 catching on pole & pellet.   5th Martin Harrell (Larford) Peg 16 with 75-15-00 catching with method feeder.   6th Fran O'Reily (Bagem) Peg 25 with 72-14-00. Fran caught on method feeder  

Ray Lamb qualifies for the May 2017 final.


Section winners - Martin Harrell & Paul Cook


Qualifiers so far-

1stWinter Wonders63 pts
2ndTredegar AC75pts
3rdGarbolino & Larford77pts

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