Colmic / Bag’em Larford Lakes Winter League Round 1| Sunday 29th October 2017

Conditions for round 1 were bright and breezy and most of the fish were caught either by method feeder or pole with hard pellets     Winning team on the day was Tredegar AC with a point score of 15   Second team on the day was Muffers's Divers with a point score of 20   Third place Bag'em Winter Wonders scoring 23 points that had a superior weight over Cookies Monsters   4th on the day was Cookies Monsters again with a point score of 23   5th on the day was Garbolino scoring 25 points and superior weight over 6th placed Brian's Boys   6th placed Brian's Boys Scored 25 points     Overall teams on the first round (points) 
  1. Tredegar AC 15 points
  2. Muffers Divers 20 points
  3. Bag'em Winter Wonders 23 points (weight advantage)
  4. Cookies Monsters 23 points
  5. Garbolino 25 points (weight advantage)
  6. Brain's Boys 25 points
  7. Ledbury Tackle 26 points
  8. Bag'em Larford 31 points (weight advantage)
  9. H.T. Angling 31 points
  10. Sheila's Boys 35 points (weight advantage)
  11. Old Ghost 35 points
  12. Maver Harecombe 37 points
  13. Marukyu 38 points
  14. Miss Fits 41 points
Top 6 induviduals

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