Bag’em Larford Pairs League Round 1 | 19th February 2017

Brian Jones 1



Much milder conditions greeted the field of 16 pairs (32 anglers) and carp on the match lake fed well.




Winner overall on the day was Brian Jones (ABC Baits) who drew peg 35 on the Match Lake.

Brian fished pole & pellet weighing 186-13-00


2nd on the day was Neil Colcombe (Larford) who drew peg 47 on the Match Lake weighing 113-05-00 to long pole & pellet plus six carp down his edge.


3rd on the day was Rich Lawson (Matrix Total Angling)  who drew peg 42 on the Match Lake. Rich fished pole & pellet long landing 111-06-00

Chris Senter 2


4th placed Chris Senter (Shakespeare) drew peg 52 on the Specimen Lake landing 93-00-00 to long
pole & pellet.

Chris caught 48 lb of bream and later switched to his edge to find 5 carp on corn.


5th on the day was Rob Cox (HT Angling) who drew peg 37 on the Match Lake weighing 76-09-00


6th overall was Max G (Cookie Monsters) who drew peg 56 on the Match Lake weighing 64-13-00 to pole down the edge on corn.


Teams (Pairs) on the day :-

1stPaul Cook & Ray Lamb3pts
2ndBrian Clark & Rich Lawson4pts
3rdChris Senter & Max G6pts
4thMick Bull & Warren Jennings7pts
5thIan Wood & Brian Jones8Pts (weight)
6thPhil Briscoe & Neil Colcombe8Pts

Brian Jones also qualifies for the Bag’em Classic in May 2017