Bag’em Larford Lakes Spring Pairs Round 4 Sunday 2nd April 2017

Match Lake larford pairs


Round 4 of the Bag’em Larford Lakes Spring Pairs league on the Match & Specimen Lakes



Winner overall today was Chris Senter (Bag’em Larford) with 121-06-00. Chris caught from peg 37 on the Match Lake fishing corn down his edge.


2nd on the day was Neil Colcombe (Bag’em Larford) who drew peg 25 on the grass bank of the Match Lake. Neil caught at 13m with hard pellet and later down his edge on corn weighing 119-11-00


3rd was Mark Skidmore (Bag’em Larford) from peg 56 on the Match Lake weighing 117-10-00. Mark caught shallow with hard pellets and later down his edge with dead reds over groundbait.


4th placed Rich Lawson (Matrix Total Angling) drew peg 28 landing 102-08-00. Rich fished hard pellet at 5m and later down his edge on dead reds all from the Match Lake.


5th on the day was Mark Hawthorne (HT Angling) who drew peg 35 on the Match Lake weighing 94-04-00.


6th  placed Paul Cook (Frenzee) drew peg 70 on the Specimen Lake weighing 93-13-00. Paul caught short, down this edge & shallow.



Teams on the day

1stPhil Briscoe & Neil Colcombe3pt
2ndBrian Clark & Rich Lawson4th (weight)
5thRob Wiltshire & Neil Morgan7pts
4thAdam Sharman & Mark Skidmore5ps
3rdPaul Cook & Ray Lamb4pts

League over overall after 4 rounds

1stPaul Cook & Ray Lamb15 Pts
2ndBrian Clark & Rich Lawson21pts
3rdPhil Briscoe & Neil Colcombe26pts
4thIan Wood & Brian Jones28 Pts
5thMick Bull & Warren Jennings31 pts
6thChris Senter & Max G32pts (weight)
7thAdam Sharman & Mark Skidmore32pts
8thRob Wiltshire & Neil Morgan35 Pts
9thSimon Harris & Paul Bucknall38pts (weight)
10thHT Angling38th
11thPerry Mountain & Rob Cox40pts
12thMaver Harescombe Pink41pts
13thSimon Deakin & Rich Weaver45pts
14thMaver Harescombe45pts
15thTracey Holland & Tex Anstice45pts
16thMarcus Watkins & Paul Hull67pts