Bag’em Larford Lakes Spring Pairs Round 3 Sunday 19th March 2017

Match Lake larford pairs



Round 3 of the Bag’em Larford Lakes Spring Pairs league on the Match & Specimen Lakes




Winning team today was Paul Cook & Ray Lamb with a total weight of 252-02-00 and a perfect 2 point score


2nd placed team was Ian Wood & Brian Jones with 178-11-00 and 4 point score.


3rd on the day was Phil Briscoe & Neil Colcombe with a 6 point score and a total weight of 156-09-00 (weight advantage)


4th placed Rob Wiltshire & Neil Morgan weighted 137-13-00 and a total point score of 6


Teams overall after 3 round

3rdBrian Clark & Rich Lawson17Pts
1stRay Lamb & Paul Cook11Pts
2ndIan Wood & Brian Jones15 Pts
6thChris Senter & Max G23 Pts
4thMick Bull & Warren Jennings21 Pts
5thPhil Briscoe & Neil Colcombe23 Pts (weight)
15thTracey Holland & Tex Anstice35 Pts
14thMaver Harescombe34 Pts
11thHT Angling30 Pts
10thSimon Harris & Paul Bucknall30 pts (weight)
8thAdam Sharman & Mark Skidmore27 pts
12thPerry Mountain & Rob Cox31 pts
7thMaver Harescombe Pink26pts
9thRob Wiltshire & Neil Morgan28 Pts
13thSimon Deakin & Rich Weaver33pts
16thMarcus Watkins & Paul Hull51 pts

Top 6 Individuals

PositionNameweightPeg & Lake
5thBrian Jones (ABC Baits)91-11-0050 Match
6thIan Wood (Bag'em Larford)87-00-0022 Speci
4thPhil Briscoe (Bag'em Larford)102-03-007 Speci
2ndRich Weaver (Tubertini)131-04-0056 Match
3rdRay Lamb (Bag'em Larford)115-13-007 Match
1stPaul Cook (Frenzee)136-05-0072 Speci

Rich Weaver also qualifies for the Bag’em Classic Qualifier